What can I bring to this moment?

Hi Friends,

I’m giving myself a challenge this week, and it’s an interesting one. I’m asking myself, before I enter a room, talk to a friend or stranger, or encounter any situation, “What can I bring to this moment?” And the answer to that question, is hopefully positivity and dynamic connectedness. When I talk to somebody, I am trying to elevate myself and the person I’m talking to into an higher vibration of energy. By helping somebody else feel better, I’m making myself feel better.
Case in point, yesterday I was having a bit of a shocker with internet banking. A task that should have taken 2 minutes, ended up taking 2 hours. I ended up on hold for 20 minutes and by the time I spoke to “Karen” I was agitated and so was she. So I asked myself the question, “How can I make this interaction better for both of us?” The answer being dynamic and humorous connection. I don’t know what happened, but my intention was to connect with this woman on a soul level, and by the time we ended the conversation we were both laughing. About what, I can’t even remember. My point is, the intention is to have a positive connection and to elevate both peoples’ level of being (in that moment) to a lighter, brighter level.
It’s worth a try, especially if you yourself are feeling a little less than Zen! Claire xo


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I am an Acting and Creativity Coach as well as a Writer, Director and Teacher. My greatest joy in life is inspiring others to actualise their own creativity. Coaching sessions available- clairepasvolsky@gmail.com

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