The Magic of Musicals

Hi Friends,

I wanted to talk about my life long love of musical theatre and how incorporating it into our lives, even occasionally, can be incredibly uplifting. When they’re good; they can be life changing. If you’ve ever experienced the exhilaration of being in the presence of an unbelievable ensemble piece, you can be rocked and moved with great emotion, so much so, that you leave the theatre on an unbeatable high.

On a recent trip to NYC, my mother and I hit Broadway in a big way, calling our short stay “The T Shirt and Musical Tour”; mostly because we saw a lot of musicals and bought souvenirs at every show. Highlights of the trip were Spiderman; Turn off the Dark, First Date and Matilda. Unfortunately, my mum started the tour before I arrived so I missed out on seeing Once which she said was excellent.

Coming out of Matilda where there was barely a dry eye in the house, I heard a little girl say to her father, “Daddy, I’ve never seen you cry before.” And outside I saw him trying to compose himself through short breathed sighs, so moved by the beauty, emotion and coherence of this brilliant musical. When they’re good, they’re wonderful.

I interviewed Intuitive Catalyst, radio presenter and author Becky Walsh the other night, who in her new book on intuition called “You do Know” discusses the importance of incorporating activities that ground you and feel more centred. One of the activities Becky does to stay grounded, is “Musicals Therapy”; she blasts some of her favourite tracks from shows and sings her heart; releasing the emotions of the song, and in so doing, becoming more centred. Give this exercise a go; it’s an absolute cracker!

My love of musicals started when I was four when I became obsessed with Annie; seeing it at the movies at least seven times. When my parents bought me the album I sobbed, overwhelmed by the emotional content! Nothing’s changed; I was a blubbering fool in Spiderman and Matilda. Then it was every Andrew Lloyd Webber hit, especially Cats, Tell Me on a Sunday, Superstar, then Hair, Cabaret, Rocky Horror Show, Company, The Threepenny Opera and so many more. The brilliance of the music, the energy and glory of it all is unbelievably positive and can make your spirits soar.

I’ve made it a new inclusion in my own weekly spiritual practice to blast some musical theatre numbers and do a full set. My neighbours are so lucky! Ha!

Love Claire xo


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