Back to the Present

Hi Friends,

Whenever we’re feeling rotten, down or detached, the best gift we can give ourselves is bringing ourselves back into the present moment. Because, as we fundamentally know, the present moment is all we have. If we’re anxious or depressed, we’re not in the here and now. We’re either in the past or the future. So bring it back to now by taking a few deep breaths. As Thicht Nat Hahn says, “As I breathe in I am calm, as I breathe out, I smile.”

A fab exercise to catapult us back into the now is the 5 Senses Meditation. It only takes a few minutes. First of all, focus on 5 things you can see. Say in your mind “I can see this glass of water. I can see this computer screen,” etc. Then focus on five things you can hear, smell, touch and taste. There you go, you’re back here in the present.

If you’re having a particularly challenging day, it’s good to check in with yourself each hour and repeat the exercise, to ensure that your thoughts aren’t racing off to some place you don’t want them to. By focusing on what’s going on right now, in front of us and around us, we take our power back from the prisons of our minds when we’re a little off track.

Love Claire xx


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