Food as Medicine

I really love cooking. I like it, mostly from a creative and inspiring perspective. Sometimes, I’ll skim through cook books just to get ideas for flavour combinations and then just free form.
I think that once you become a mother, cooking is one creative outlet you can accomplish without or despite interruption! If food is the source of our energy and we’ll being, we really need to take it seriously. One thing I’ve started doing lately is making every meal count. I really like having a proper breakfast (banana porridge with yoghurt and a drizzle of maple syrup is a fave), a sit down lunch and dinner with the family.
What’s really challenging is cooking for small children and having their fussiness catered for. Dinner usually isn’t the most relaxing of times, but if the effort is made, hopefully the kids will eventually catch on!
Iim so inspired by Heidi Swanson’s book “Super Natural Every Day” that it’s my number one go to resource in the kitchen. It provides the reader with fantastic and tasty vegetarian recipes that are nutritious and delicious.
So, despite protests, I am going to continue to serve up healthy food to my little ones, and hope they all will commit to the one dish, one day!

Love from Claire xx


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