“The Blood Sugar Solution; 10 Day Detox Diet” by Dr. Mark Hyman

Hi Friends,

I’m currently in the middle of Day 7, of ten days on this Detox Diet. I have to say, so far, so good. In a nut shell, nuts is one of the things you can eat…most other things are a no no. Here’s what you can’t have over the ten days; gluten, dairy, grains, caffeine and sugar in any form (eg- no honey or agave and limited fruits). You are also encouraged to do 30 minutes of brisk walking, take supplements, take an ultra detox diet every night (a heavenly combo of epsom salts, bicarbonate of soda and lavender oil) and spend time concentrating on your breathing and doing journal questions each evening. of course, you must remember to drink at least 8 glasses of water a day to flush out any toxins.

I’ve got to say, Im feeling really great. The number one reason I wanted to do this detox was to improve my health. As a chronic sinus and migraine sufferer, I’ve already noticed removing dairy has made my symptoms disappear. As for the removal of gluten and grains, in a week, I’ve lost 2.5 kgs (5.5 pounds). The average weight loss on the program, if followed to the letter is around 4.5 kgs (10 pounds).

Most importantly though, this eating plan (I really don’t like the word “diet”, as I believe it has negative connotations) has got me back on track with being in tune emotionally with what I’m eating and making better choices. Feeling good instead of tired and sluggish and foggy is miraculous, and so far, I have to say, I’m a big fan of this book. 

I first heard Dr. Mark Hyman discussing his book with Dr. Christiane Northrup on her wonderful radio show “Flourish” (Hay House Radio), a month or two ago. After a night of over indulgence on the vino and some pizza (a particularly lethal combination for a sinus and headache sufferer); I wanted to detox. One thing that has surprised me, and something that Dr. Hyman discusses in the book, is the emotional response once certain foods are removed. For example, if at 3pm, like most people you feel tired and need a pick me up and reach for a chocolate bar, or a piece of toast with honey, you are numbing other emotions that are in need of your attention. Yes, at three o’clock our kidneys need to be flushed out with a big glass of water and some nuts, not something high in sugar or fat, which will satisfy our cravings for a short amount of time and at the same time cover up an emotional need.

Doing this program, you might become more aware of what your emotional needs actually are, and be surprised at the way food and cravings stifle your true feelings. This really is a holistic approach to eating, with a strong emphasis on self care and self awareness. The detox bath, helps the individual to develop a ritual that aids sleep and helps you to take a much needed “time out”.

I really have to recommend anybody who’s sick of feeling sick take a look at this approach to feeling better from the inside out.

Claire xx


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