After the Detox and Beyond

Hi Friends,

I’ve just completed ten days on Dr. Mark Hyman’s detox diet, taken from his book “The Blood Sugar Solution; 10 Day Detox Diet”…and my results, I think are pretty positive. At the beginning of the detox, you are asked to take a Toxicity Quiz. The quiz gets you to rate all areas of your health to see if you fall into one of four categories; Optimum Health Range (less than 10), Mild Toxicity (10-50), Moderate Toxicity (50-100) and Severe Toxicity (over 100); you pretty much look at all areas of your body and give yourself a rating on your health complaints.

Due to my severe headaches and sinus issues, I score d a 96, before the detox, falling into the Moderately Toxic category. I just did the quiz again, after detox, and I think, miraculously, scored a 9; placing me in the Optimum category! Hooray!!! I was not expecting that kind of result in just a short amount of time. And I’m not exaggerating; I have not had any health issues; headaches or sinus woes, or anything else for that matter, after removing gluten, dairy, grains and booze from my diets (I’m still having a cup of black coffee in the morning. Sorry, but that one stays.) I feel the healthiest and most energetic I’ve felt in about a decade, so I’m super happy with the results.

Also, the other bonus is, in the last ten days I’ve lost a total of 3 kgs (6.9 lbs), which I really wanted to shed after three babies in five years. The next step of the journey is, for me, to continue. I’m feeling such a powerful transformation, especially with my health, energy and vitality. Dr. Hyman recommends continuing the program in exactly the same way for a further ninety days in exactly the same way (including journalling, the ultra detox bath and meditation, as well as connecting with people on the same journey), but he also has less “intensive” approaches, which are included in the book.

After test running a bunch of other eating plans in the name of health and well being, this one is by far my favourite. Not only do you shed any excess weight you may not want to be carrying around with you, but most importantly you take control of your health and start feeling fabulous!!! If anyone would like to get in touch with me, re this topic, I’d love to hear from you. Touch base on Twitter or message me. Green smoothie, anyone?

Love Claire xxxx


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