Intuitive Feng Shui; Creating a Prosperity Corner

The back left hand corner of your home is the corner of prosperity. The philosophy of Intuitive Feng Shui is that the law of attraction takes everything literally, so if we have something in the corner of prosperity that can be taken “the wrong way” it inevitably will be.

So check out the back left corner of your house and see what’s represented there. If your bathroom is in that position, you might need to put a symbol of abundance in it, to prevent money being “flushed down the loo” or “going down the drain.”

This is a fun little exercise to create abundance
1. Go to the back left hand corner of your house
2. See what’s already there and how it could be interpreted
3. Clean the corner; clearing out a space and cleaning it is the best way to shift stagnant energy
4. Create your wish for abundance by putting an affirmation up (“I prosper wherever I turn” , “My income is constantly increasing” etc, )a statue or symbol of wealth or anything else that you like that raises the vibration in the space
5. Have fun with it all and see if anything shifts for you!

Love Claire x



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