Your Ultimate Physical Environment

Hi Friends,

Here’s a fun creative exercise to think about your home and how you could make it into a sanctuary. It’s also designed to get your mind activated and to explore future visions for your ultimate physical environment. Enjoy!

1. Out of 10, how would you rate your current home?

2. How do you feel when you walk in the door?

3. What’s your favourite room or space in the house/apartment?

4. Have you ever stayed in a hotel or visited the home of somebody and been inspired?

5. Where is your ultimate location to live? Go ahead. Dream.

6. Think about your fantasy location and imagine your ideal home. Draw it. Google similar homes. Play.

7. What about your current home, if anything is similar to your day dream place and space?

8. Is there an easy change you could make to your current space that could link it to your day dream place/space? For example, if your dream home is a Balanise paradise, you could buy an orchid plant for your bathroom to remind you of that serenity. Or maybe you’d secretly love to live in an Amelie esque Parisian apartment; play the soundtrack and buy a red bed spread! The smallest of creative stretches can have a huge impact on the way you feel about your space.

9. What is your future vision for your home? Do you love where you live, but want to update? Do you want to move? Where are you at with your current space?

10. Try some intuitive feng shui. Walk into each room and see how you feel in the space. If you feel peaceful and tranquil or happy, then your space is working. If you feel agitated or stressed, it ain’t working’. Consider moving things around or simplifying spaces so there is little or no clutter. If something feels wrong in a room, then it shouldn’t be there. Rule of thumb, you’ve got to use it or love it, or else question why an object is there. 

The smallest of spaces can be enhanced by a plant or a bunch of irises. Put what you love and what brings you joy into your home and you, and all who enter it will feel joyful too.

Love Claire xx



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