Super Achievers Work REALLY, REALLY Hard!

Hi Friends,

In my current work I am researching the traits of Super Achievers and one of the things that may seem super obvious, is that they choose one goal, a long term goal, something they’re completely passionate about and then give it their all. Here’s a little exercise to get you in touch with your own greatest success story and think about how you might like to refocus on a past success in order to gain clarity to your current goal or ambition. 

As always, when I’m writing and researching and coming up with these little exercises, I’m gaining clarity and insight into what I have to do to make the leap, so join me please…here we go!!!


1. Think about your greatest success and achievement of a long term goal (examples could include completing a University/College Degree, starting up a business, losing a load of weight etc)

2. How long, from start to finish, did it take to achieve? (Chances are it might have taken longer than you’d expected)

3. Looking back at your goal, what were the step by step processes you took along the way? (a)research b)contact c)preparation d)hiring/seeking help from an expert e)devising a strategy f)more research/preparation etc)

4. Isn’t that list amazing? You’ve now got a blue print that has worked for you in the past and can work for you again

The thing with achieving long term goals, is that they have to be defined. They take time. You have to really, really want them and you have to work really, really hard. I found this exercise really helpful in remembering the hard work involved with achieving a long term goal and applying it to my current aspirations.

Love Claire xx


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