10 Reasons Why Doing an Acting Class Helps Improve Listening Skills

Hi Peeps,
Listening is different from hearing. Listening is connecting with others in a meaningful way. Listening is a key to success and communication. When you are communicating successfully and in a meaningful way- then you are thriving.

One of the greatest ways to improve your Listening skills is by doing an Acting Course. Here’s why:
1. Talk to any good director and ask them about what makes a great actor- chances are they will say “He/She is a great listener”. What that translates as, is the performer is able to receive direction and follow instructions, as well as communicating verbally and non verbally with other performers in order to create intense and purposeful communication
2. By doing an Acting class with Theatre Imago (8 Week Courses start in July)- you will flex and tone your listening muscles with interactive games. You have to tune into the moment in order to react effectively
3. Listening is about also about body language. You will participate in exercises designed to communicate verbally and non verbally
4. Through Improvisation, your ears will be heightened to clues and nuances of communication. There is a give and take with information and explanation
5. Every week we start each class with a “check in” where we LISTEN to where each student is in their life. What’s been a highlight? What’s been a bummer? Students are HEARD and validated. At the closing of each class, we do another “check in”, where the students talk about their favourite part of the workshop- we all listen
6. Meaningful relationships are forged through listening, and at Theatre Imago, students come from all walks of life. By exercising non judgement, when listening to others, our capacity for empathy and tolerance grows
7. An important factor of training at Theatre Imago is using visual imagery in characterisation, conversation and games. By taking a visual “snap shot” of what is being said or described in a scene/students are better able to remember the details…which leads to…
8. Telling stories. We tell stories in Acting Class- as the speaker we need to verbally convey the visual “snap shots” of the story, and as an audience/listener- we need to receive these “snap shots”
9. Listening is not about interrupting. At Theatre Imago, there is always respect for the speaker.Everybody gets a turn and everyone is heard
10 With script interpretation and character interpretation- we discuss feelings and empathy. When we listen to each other, we understand, as much is possible what the other is feeling. Having empathy for the speaker is the trait of a great listener

“Acting Fundamentals”- Thursday nights 6-9 pm at Tantrum, 48 Watt Street, Newcastle
“Imago Actors Studio”- Saturday mornings 9-12, also at Tantrum
Courses run for 8 Weeks/cost is $350
Call or email Claire to book – clairepasvolsky@gmail.com, 0412155950


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I am an Acting and Creativity Coach as well as a Writer, Director and Teacher. My greatest joy in life is inspiring others to actualise their own creativity. Coaching sessions available- clairepasvolsky@gmail.com

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