“Theater had been “home” for me since I was fourteen. It was the place I felt most alive. My highest highs were in theaters, either on stage or in the audience.”- Eric Bogosian

For many of us “artistic types”- we often feel out of sync with the rest of the world- we are the misfits, the daydreamers, the alternatives, the moody ones who sit in corners. We are writing poetry on our placemats, drawing masterpieces in our text books- in the class room in body, because we have to be, but in our minds- we are in an alternative universe.

When a creative adult, child or teenager finds their spiritual artistic home it is a wonderful thing. You finally find an alternative “family”, a “tribe” that speaks your language. The misfit has found other misfits as partners in crime, or rather partners in creativity. I was fortunate, like Eric Bogosian to find my artistic “home” at fourteen at Tantrum Theatre in Newcastle. It was the first place I could be myself and connect with other quirky and creative kids. Unlike other “sing out Louise!” theatre’s for young people, Tantrum focused on acceptance, artistry and the creation of new work- celebrating and respecting kids as the individual wonders they already are.

Tantrum came into my life as a teenager when my outside world was falling apart. It was my sanctuary- my safe place. Creating new worlds and performing in a supportive environment was paramount in my further development as an artist. Without that foundation, I don’t know if I would have pursued this career in the same way. As artists, we all need to find a “home”.

The definition of home, is a safe place where we are understood, sheltered, nurtured and protected. Creating my own company and classes, I have witnessed participants finding an alternative “home”. A light switches on, a remembrance to their true self comes into the rehearsal room. If a miracle is a shift in perception, I see miracles in my classes everyday. I see courage, creativity and profound realisations in my actors as they connect to their higher selves and their work and express themselves in a safe and nurturing environment. Participants can often find themselves in an emotional state of gratitude- they have returned home.

If you’re looking for your spiritual and artistic home, consider joining one of my classes in July. If performance is not your thing, perhaps you could consider getting involved in another artistic community. When you follow your heart, remember what you love creating, you will find your tribe.

8 Week Courses beginning in July- Acting Fundamentals (Thursday evenings) and The Imago Actors Studio (Saturday mornings)- go to for more details.


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I am an Acting and Creativity Coach as well as a Writer, Director and Teacher. My greatest joy in life is inspiring others to actualise their own creativity. Coaching sessions available-

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