Pasvolsky Studio- Unique Actor Training for Adults

Hi Friends,

It’s been a great year for us at Pasvolsky Studio. To do a brief recap, we began 2015 with two week long Summer Intensives- the first in Acting and the second in Creativity.

Term 1 focused on the in class video production “The Gateway”- an episodic television format where students had the opportunity to develop a character over the term and perform “linked” scenes over a series of weeks. “The Gateway” was an original concept for a TV series, set in Newcastle about a group of interconnected characters, all dealing with various personal issues and struggles.

The rest of the year has focused on the two separate training courses- Acting Fundamentals and the Pasvolsky Studio. In Acting Fundamentals, students at Beginners to Intermediate Level gain core skills in a two hour class which focuses on Voice, Movement, Improvisation, Script Interpretation and Presentation. This is the perfect course for anybody who wants to gain more confidence, get out of their comfort zone or try their hand at acting. Some students who have done this course have continued to train and perform, others have been able to implement their new found skills/confidence into their work place/social environment. It’s a lot of fun, but also highly practical.

In the Pasvolsky Studio, we have been working on a series of sophisticated masterclasses where students experience a different level of training. Some of the focuses of the year have been on The Wooster Group; Deconstructing the Text, Practical Aesthetics and the work of David Mamet, Julie Taymor; Puppetry, Mask & Movement and Creating the One Person Show and Stand Up Comedy. Each week is a new and totally immersive experience for these actors who are at Intermediate to Advanced Level.

We have found our new home at the lovely Merewether uniting Church Hall and our classes take place on Saturdays. The morning session, Acting Fundamentals is on at 9-11am and the studio is on from 12noon- 3pm.

The reason Pasvolsky Studio is such a unique training ground for actors and other creatively minded people is that it truly is a nurturing and supportive environment where participants frequently experience “breakthroughs” on a personal, creative and performance level. Students of this method of training know that they are in charge of their destinies and are encouraged to strive for excellence and create their own work and opportunities.

Enrolments for 2016 are officially open. Due to the focus and productivity of the classes, numbers are strictly limited. Minimum age of participants is 16, there is no upper age limit. Admission to the Studio is subject to approval. Prior training will need to be taken into consideration.

Classes start February 6th, 2016. Until December 31st, 2015 there is a 10% Discount available as an early bird special.

Acting Fundamentals- 7 Week Course- $300 (10% Discount $270)

Pasvolsky Studio-7 Week Course- $400 (10% Discount $360)

Email- to book or call 0412155950 for more information


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