I want to tell you about Pasvolsky Studio’s unique actor training courses in 2016. If you’re an actor living in Newcastle or the Hunter, or somebody who would like to try Acting out just for the fun of it, then you need to check these courses out.

As actors, we need to stay technically fit. We need to be constantly “working out” and developing our skill set. If you are an actor with some or a lot of experience here’s why you should enrol in Pasvolsky Studio:

  1. Every week you will be challenged by extraordinary material. With an emphasis on scene work, the studio provides actors with great writing such as David Mamet, Arthur Miller, Edward Albee and Christopher Durang. You work with your partner to develop, analyse and then perform the scene in the class and feedback is given. You then have the opportunity, for homework to spend more time on the scene, learn your lines and perform it the following week in class after a longer rehearsal period. You will challenge yourself each week to come up with authentic and developed pieces.
  2. The first thirty minutes of each class is spent flexing the technical “muscles”. Actors will practice an exercise from either Practical Aesthetics, Viewpoints, Stanislavsky or Viola Spoon (improvisation) in order to gain a greater perspective for their preparation/development. These exercises can be put into immediate use in the script work.
  3. You will be around like minded artists and practitioners. At Pasvolsky Studio, actors find great joy in connecting with their peers. You will be challenged, supported and inspired by this dynamic group.
  4. At Pasvolsky Studio there is a strong focus on the actor creating their own opportunities. Members of this group have gone on to work together on individual projects and performances.
  5. You will be working towards an end of year showcase where local production companies and agencies will be in attendance. If you wish to raise your profile, this is the place to be.


If you are considering the Beginners course- “Acting Fundamentals”, you may simply want to have some fun. You may wish to gain more confidence by stepping out of your comfort zone, or you may have performed in the past and want a refresher course. This is the class for you. You will:

  1. Meet new people. In this friendly class, although there is a great deal of focus, there is also a lot of fun and spontaneity. It’s natural to feel nervous before your first Acting class, but once you step inside the rehearsal room, you’ll feel like you’re amongst friends.
  2. Have a lot of laughs- games, performance- fun! There’s nothing like seeing new participants enjoying themselves and being in the moment.
  3. Gain confidence- it’s always remarkable to see how much more confidence students have in week 7, as opposed to week 1 of the course. It’s a given that once students participate in this class that they will be much more self assured within themselves.
  4. Learn about performance- each week you will learn skills in Voice, Movement, Acting, Improvisation, Script Interpretation and Performance. You will be developing these skills which you can use in all areas of your life- not just Acting. For example, if we learn to project our voices, we can speak more confidently in the boardroom, the office or the classroom. If we understand characterisation, it can help us understand points of view in the real world. The skills you develop in an Acting class really do have the potential to change your life.
  5. A new community- you may find that you love Acting and wish to continue with Pasvolsky studio. You also may find that a whole new world opens up to you. Many students who have joined the group now find themselves performing in local plays, commercials and have an agent- previously, this would not have been a path they would have taken seriously.


“ACTING FUNDAMENTALS”- for Beginners- 7 Week Course/$270 (Early bird special runs till December 31st- after that the cost is $300.) Classes are on Saturdays 9-11 am, Merewether Uniting Church Hall, Glebe Road. First class February 6th.

PASVOLSKY STUDIO”- Intermediate to Advanced- 7 Week Course/$360 (Early bird special runs until December 31st- after that the cost is $400). Classes are on Saturdays 12-3pm, Merewether Uniting Church Hall, Glebe Rd. First class February 6th.

To book, phone Claire on 0412155950 or email for more information.













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