About the Studio

Since its inception, Pasvolsky Actors Studio has offered numerous rounds of courses to performers of all skill and experience levels in Newcastle, nationally and abroad. In this time, Claire has delivered acting classes and workshops on improvisation, comedy, Shakespeare, drama, physical storytelling, devising scenes, the voice, and ensemble performances – and this is barely scratching the surface.


In addition to acting courses, Claire has also developed strategies to assist her students with writing stage and screenplays, casting and directing for stage and screen projects, finding their creative direction, and effecting their personal intentions.

Pasvolsky Actors Studio’s first priority is to offer various courses to actors at all levels, and provide a safe space in which to learn, experiment, create and flourish. Regardless of whether you are an absolute beginner or have an extensive performance history, all of Claire’s courses have one thing in common – her philosophy of supporting, nurturing and empowering her clients.