Miso chicken soup for the soul

Hi friends,
I’ve had a shocking cold for 48 hours (maybe a little emotional congestion from christmas) and I think this recipe might have been the cure!

1 tablespoon miso paste
1 cup of cooked shredded free range chicken
2 onions
1 zucchini
1 carrot

Throw it all in a pot and bring to the boil , then simmer for 20 minutes
Finally, put the chicken and veggies in a strainer and put aside (could make a chicken pie later) so you’re left with a clear broth and sip away…

All I know is I’m definitely on the mend and I’m thanking the soup for it!
Claire 🙂

Choosing Happiness

Hi Friends,

I’ve Had the great honour, over the last few years to see talks by some of the greatest teachers of our times. I also make it a daily practice to listen to TED talks and Hay House Radio- I want to be educated and inspired, not overwhelmed and depressed by commercial television, consumerism and a manipulative media. The other day, when cleaning up a very messy kitchen, I listened to Oprah’s recent and wonderful interview with renowned Buddhist scholar Jack Cornfield and it blew my mind. While you’re doing mundane things you can be inspired by listening to great teachers. It rocks.

Anyway, I digress. Going through my mountain of notebooks, specifically quotes and notes I have scribbled down during lectures, I came across notes from a conference I attended in 2011, hosted by Hay House Australia. Some of the greatest were there, including Marianne Williamson, Robert Holden, the mother of positive thinking; Louise Hay, Deepak Chopra, Doreen Virtue and Denise Linn to name but a few. What a weekend! 

I believe Robert Holden and the work that he does to be of the highest relevance in the world today. During his 2011 talk in Sydney, he instantly connected with the audience with his humour, his wonderful energy and extraordinary delivery of life changing information. Dr Holden spoke of the importance of following your joy, saying, “Joy has the power to override the super ego”- he shared a powerful practice of saying in the morning, “Dear Joy, I’m all yours! What would you like me to do with my life today?”

He spoke of happiness as being a choice, and that the first hour of the day is when we make the choices that we do. Do we choose to, “Rise and shine, or rise and whine?” Robert asked the audience.

What sort of a day do we choose to have today? Dr. Holden said, on a scale of one to ten (ten being the happiest), choose how happy you want to be. Today, I’m going for a 9, usually, I realized, when going over my notes I average a 7. Dr. Holden said, “Our happiness is our gift to the world- we pick our numbers and go higher. If you’re feeling 3/10- love yourself there. We are not our self images, that’s just who we think we are. The most important things are peace, love and clarity.”

The importance of forgiveness is essential to your happiness, that and being in the present moment. The present moment is all we have; the past is over and the future hasn’t happened yet. So let’s try and be here fully in the here and now (no matter what the circumstances are) and think about who we need to forgive. Everybody’s dealing with something and every emotion you feel deserves your compassion- so let’s start with ourselves and listen to that emotion, instead of numbing, dismissing or ignoring it. Let’s rise above what we feel in this moment and choose to extend our happiness as far as it can go…even if it’s just a millimetre.

So if we ask ourselves the question each morning; how happy am I going to be today (?) and we feel depressed or anxious, giving ourselves a 1/10; our goal might be to try and “rise above”; and aiming for a 3. If we wake up feeling good at a 7, let’s rise above, and try and make it to a 9 or 10. How happy do you choose to be in this moment? In this day? In this life time? Today I woke up at a 7 and I’m now at a 9 and my goal is to keep it here… fingers crossed!

Much love and Happy Holidays xx

What can I bring to this moment?

Hi Friends,

I’m giving myself a challenge this week, and it’s an interesting one. I’m asking myself, before I enter a room, talk to a friend or stranger, or encounter any situation, “What can I bring to this moment?” And the answer to that question, is hopefully positivity and dynamic connectedness. When I talk to somebody, I am trying to elevate myself and the person I’m talking to into an higher vibration of energy. By helping somebody else feel better, I’m making myself feel better.
Case in point, yesterday I was having a bit of a shocker with internet banking. A task that should have taken 2 minutes, ended up taking 2 hours. I ended up on hold for 20 minutes and by the time I spoke to “Karen” I was agitated and so was she. So I asked myself the question, “How can I make this interaction better for both of us?” The answer being dynamic and humorous connection. I don’t know what happened, but my intention was to connect with this woman on a soul level, and by the time we ended the conversation we were both laughing. About what, I can’t even remember. My point is, the intention is to have a positive connection and to elevate both peoples’ level of being (in that moment) to a lighter, brighter level.
It’s worth a try, especially if you yourself are feeling a little less than Zen! Claire xo

The Eloquence of the Green Smoothie

Hi Friends,

I need to share with y’all my love of the green smoothie and what an amazing companion it can be on your journey into inner peace and harmony! Okay, so it may look like it came out of the swamp- but you will find yourself proclaiming “Wow! Wham! Kapow!” and all manner of mighty statements after you’ve sipped this tonic of “super foods” so rich in nutrients and anti oxidants it will keep your motor running all the way to lunch time…

So here’s what went in the blender this morning- kale, lettuce, cucumber, kiwi fruit, 2 cups of coconut water, 3 cups of water, 1 tsp spirulina, 1 tsp flaxseed, 1 tsp wheatgerm, 1 tsp chia seeds; and skull it if you don’t like the taste!

Oh Green smoothie, you are beautiful no matter what they say (thanks Christina Aguilera, I love you too)…anybody with me on this kick butt way to start your day?