Hi All,

If you’re in the Newcastle region and are looking for something fun to do on a Saturday- you should think about joining my seven week course which starts this weekend, Saturday, February 6th at Merewether Uniting Church Hall from 12-3pm.

The focus of the classes is script interpretation and characterisation. Every week, we will get together, do a brief warm up and then get stuck into our scene work. I’ve got some great scenes/monologues lined up by some of the world’s most renowned playwrights and screenwriters- there are some classic texts involved as well as current scenes from TV’s “Nashville”, “Orange is the New Black” and new material straight from Broadway.

Students in this class range in experience- some are newbies, others have been training with me over the past eighteen months, and others have a lot of acting experience but want the engagement/atmosphere of the rehearsal room. Remember, Acting is a muscle and we need to keep practicing and learning to keep our strength up.

We have people in the course from the age of sixteen to eighty-three- there’s an amazing range of life experience in the group, and apart from being engaging and inspiring- it’s also a lot of fun. So if you’re keen- there’s no room to procrastinate- so contact me today to enrol! The cost of the course is $360.

Claire xx (0412155950 or









Happy New Year!

Here’s a fun exercise to determine which creative projects or goals we’re going to work on in 2016. Instead of looking at the entire year ahead, let’s just focus on the first quarter- this takes us from now up until March 31st.

  1. Get a piece of paper and divide it into 3 columns
  2. Label each column with the heading “Project 1”, “Project 2” and “Project 3”
  3. Now, choose your projects/goals- it could be: Project 1- Learn Guitar, Project 2- Go to an Acting Class, Project 3- Write a novel
  4. Look at your list again- is it realistic? Can you actually accomplish these three things by the end of the first quarter, or is this list already stressing you out? Yes or no?
  5. Re-edit list- it might look now look like this Project 1-Start guitar lessons, Project 2- Start going to an Acting Class, Project 3- Write a short story/plot for my novel
  6. Now you have three projects to work on that are actually in your grasp of achieving.
  7. Now under each heading, list 5 steps you need to take in order to achieve these outcomes- for example “Start guitar lessons” a)get guitar out of the garage b) tune it c) research group classes- where are they on/who’s running them/what appeals? d)listen to some music that inspires me e) sign up/attend classes etc.
  8. Do the same kind of list under each project, the Acting Class process will be similar, but if writing is your goal you will need to be more specific/disciplined and realistic, for example- how much time can you devote to your practice? Do you need to set your alarm half an hour early just to get up and write before the rest of the household interrupts you?
  9. Now you have a blue print for the first quarter of the year. The list should now feel supportive to your wishes, not stressful. Don’t forget to tick off your achievements from this list, no matter how small! For example, you can’t start guitar lessons without getting your guitar out of the garage- tick! That’s one thing off your list.

I hope this year is super creative for you and you are able to connect with your soul through that which you love- be it music, art, writing, performance or whatever makes you smile. I am available as a Creativity Coach both in person or via Skype and my seven week courses are listed below- Love Claire xx

Acting Classes- Term 1- Acting Fundamentals (Beginners class for Grown Ups)- 7 Weeks/$300, Saturday Mornings 9-11am (Feb 6th, 2016) Pasvolsky Studio (Intermediate to Advanced)- 7 Weeks/$360, Saturdays Midday- 3pm (Feb 6th, 2016). Creative and Acting Coaching sessions are available in person or via Skype. Email me to book-



You don’t need to want to become a professional actor in order to gain loads of life skills in a class with Pasvolsky Studio.

Here are some of the great skills you will develop, that you can take back into the “real” world:

  1. Improvisation Skills- Learning to think in our feet can help us out in many ways. If you need to negotiate, communicate or react quickly to something, practicing this skill can really enhance your daily communication skills.
  2. Characterisation- By creating characters or by bringing words to life on a page, we begin to learn more about other peoples perspectives and the world around us.
  3. Games- Our brains get switched on, we have to follow the rules in order to “survive”, we have to adapt and go with the group in order to achieve the intended outcome. The energy and positivity as well as focus is something we can take into the home or into the office.
  4. Scene Work- By working collaboratively with a partner we practice the skills of communication and negotiation. Putting together a scene is like orchestrating a dance- two people need to be in alignment and agreement with each other with their communication and intention or the scene will fail. This is a great metaphor for any relationship we may have in our own lives.
  5. Performance- Whether you need to do public speaking in your job, the skills of performance will give you a firm grounding in life. Learn to ground yourself, to own your voice and to allow yourself to be seen.

Early bird specials for Term 1 end December 31st, so get in quick if you want to take advantage of this massive saving. Acting Fundamentals (9-11am)and Pasvolsky Studio (12-3pm) are held on Saturdays at Merewether Uniting Church Hall, Merewether. The term is 7 Weeks. Cost is $300($270 with the special) and $400 ($360 with the special). Email Claire to book- or call 0412155950 for more information.






I want to tell you about Pasvolsky Studio’s unique actor training courses in 2016. If you’re an actor living in Newcastle or the Hunter, or somebody who would like to try Acting out just for the fun of it, then you need to check these courses out.

As actors, we need to stay technically fit. We need to be constantly “working out” and developing our skill set. If you are an actor with some or a lot of experience here’s why you should enrol in Pasvolsky Studio:

  1. Every week you will be challenged by extraordinary material. With an emphasis on scene work, the studio provides actors with great writing such as David Mamet, Arthur Miller, Edward Albee and Christopher Durang. You work with your partner to develop, analyse and then perform the scene in the class and feedback is given. You then have the opportunity, for homework to spend more time on the scene, learn your lines and perform it the following week in class after a longer rehearsal period. You will challenge yourself each week to come up with authentic and developed pieces.
  2. The first thirty minutes of each class is spent flexing the technical “muscles”. Actors will practice an exercise from either Practical Aesthetics, Viewpoints, Stanislavsky or Viola Spoon (improvisation) in order to gain a greater perspective for their preparation/development. These exercises can be put into immediate use in the script work.
  3. You will be around like minded artists and practitioners. At Pasvolsky Studio, actors find great joy in connecting with their peers. You will be challenged, supported and inspired by this dynamic group.
  4. At Pasvolsky Studio there is a strong focus on the actor creating their own opportunities. Members of this group have gone on to work together on individual projects and performances.
  5. You will be working towards an end of year showcase where local production companies and agencies will be in attendance. If you wish to raise your profile, this is the place to be.


If you are considering the Beginners course- “Acting Fundamentals”, you may simply want to have some fun. You may wish to gain more confidence by stepping out of your comfort zone, or you may have performed in the past and want a refresher course. This is the class for you. You will:

  1. Meet new people. In this friendly class, although there is a great deal of focus, there is also a lot of fun and spontaneity. It’s natural to feel nervous before your first Acting class, but once you step inside the rehearsal room, you’ll feel like you’re amongst friends.
  2. Have a lot of laughs- games, performance- fun! There’s nothing like seeing new participants enjoying themselves and being in the moment.
  3. Gain confidence- it’s always remarkable to see how much more confidence students have in week 7, as opposed to week 1 of the course. It’s a given that once students participate in this class that they will be much more self assured within themselves.
  4. Learn about performance- each week you will learn skills in Voice, Movement, Acting, Improvisation, Script Interpretation and Performance. You will be developing these skills which you can use in all areas of your life- not just Acting. For example, if we learn to project our voices, we can speak more confidently in the boardroom, the office or the classroom. If we understand characterisation, it can help us understand points of view in the real world. The skills you develop in an Acting class really do have the potential to change your life.
  5. A new community- you may find that you love Acting and wish to continue with Pasvolsky studio. You also may find that a whole new world opens up to you. Many students who have joined the group now find themselves performing in local plays, commercials and have an agent- previously, this would not have been a path they would have taken seriously.


“ACTING FUNDAMENTALS”- for Beginners- 7 Week Course/$270 (Early bird special runs till December 31st- after that the cost is $300.) Classes are on Saturdays 9-11 am, Merewether Uniting Church Hall, Glebe Road. First class February 6th.

PASVOLSKY STUDIO”- Intermediate to Advanced- 7 Week Course/$360 (Early bird special runs until December 31st- after that the cost is $400). Classes are on Saturdays 12-3pm, Merewether Uniting Church Hall, Glebe Rd. First class February 6th.

To book, phone Claire on 0412155950 or email for more information.












Pasvolsky Studio- Unique Actor Training for Adults

Hi Friends,

It’s been a great year for us at Pasvolsky Studio. To do a brief recap, we began 2015 with two week long Summer Intensives- the first in Acting and the second in Creativity.

Term 1 focused on the in class video production “The Gateway”- an episodic television format where students had the opportunity to develop a character over the term and perform “linked” scenes over a series of weeks. “The Gateway” was an original concept for a TV series, set in Newcastle about a group of interconnected characters, all dealing with various personal issues and struggles.

The rest of the year has focused on the two separate training courses- Acting Fundamentals and the Pasvolsky Studio. In Acting Fundamentals, students at Beginners to Intermediate Level gain core skills in a two hour class which focuses on Voice, Movement, Improvisation, Script Interpretation and Presentation. This is the perfect course for anybody who wants to gain more confidence, get out of their comfort zone or try their hand at acting. Some students who have done this course have continued to train and perform, others have been able to implement their new found skills/confidence into their work place/social environment. It’s a lot of fun, but also highly practical.

In the Pasvolsky Studio, we have been working on a series of sophisticated masterclasses where students experience a different level of training. Some of the focuses of the year have been on The Wooster Group; Deconstructing the Text, Practical Aesthetics and the work of David Mamet, Julie Taymor; Puppetry, Mask & Movement and Creating the One Person Show and Stand Up Comedy. Each week is a new and totally immersive experience for these actors who are at Intermediate to Advanced Level.

We have found our new home at the lovely Merewether uniting Church Hall and our classes take place on Saturdays. The morning session, Acting Fundamentals is on at 9-11am and the studio is on from 12noon- 3pm.

The reason Pasvolsky Studio is such a unique training ground for actors and other creatively minded people is that it truly is a nurturing and supportive environment where participants frequently experience “breakthroughs” on a personal, creative and performance level. Students of this method of training know that they are in charge of their destinies and are encouraged to strive for excellence and create their own work and opportunities.

Enrolments for 2016 are officially open. Due to the focus and productivity of the classes, numbers are strictly limited. Minimum age of participants is 16, there is no upper age limit. Admission to the Studio is subject to approval. Prior training will need to be taken into consideration.

Classes start February 6th, 2016. Until December 31st, 2015 there is a 10% Discount available as an early bird special.

Acting Fundamentals- 7 Week Course- $300 (10% Discount $270)

Pasvolsky Studio-7 Week Course- $400 (10% Discount $360)

Email- to book or call 0412155950 for more information


There is no greater way to kick off the New Year than with a “boot camp” for your creativity. I’m excited to let you know that I’ll be running my annual “Unleash Your Creativity Workshop- A Pro-Treat (Not a Retreat) for Your Soul.”

In this dynamic, inspiring and fast paced workshop you will gain extreme clarity in your visions/goals/creative projects. you will be fully supported- and by the end of Day 3 you will be crystal clear in your intentions, expectations, actions and outcomes for 2016.

In order to achieve our dreams, we need to be held accountable for the action steps we need to take on the way to accomplishment. We need to be PROACTIVE in our creativity. If we take action towards the accomplishment of our creative desires, the Universe will meets half way.

This course is suitable for anyone who wants to lead a more creative life. You may have specific goals such as writing a book, launching a stand up career, staging a play or writing a screenplay, or you may simply want to align yourself to the joy of your own creativity.

Due to the intimate and concentrated nature of this course- the numbers are strictly limited. If you think this course may be something that will help you on your journey- please get in touch immediately as places will go quickly. For more information on me and my work, please go to

Dates of Course- January 4,5,6, 2016

Times- 10 am- 3pm ( with a 1 hour lunch break at 12 pm)

Place- Merewether Uniting Church Hall, Glebe Road, Merewether

Cost- $350 (there is an early bird special of $300 if payment is received by November 30th, 2015)

Contact- Claire Pasvolsky-,, 0412155950

Remote Coaching- Coaching Sessions are also available via Skype if you are in an alternative location