I want to tell you about Pasvolsky Studio’s unique actor training courses in 2016. If you’re an actor living in Newcastle or the Hunter, or somebody who would like to try Acting out just for the fun of it, then you need to check these courses out.

As actors, we need to stay technically fit. We need to be constantly “working out” and developing our skill set. If you are an actor with some or a lot of experience here’s why you should enrol in Pasvolsky Studio:

  1. Every week you will be challenged by extraordinary material. With an emphasis on scene work, the studio provides actors with great writing such as David Mamet, Arthur Miller, Edward Albee and Christopher Durang. You work with your partner to develop, analyse and then perform the scene in the class and feedback is given. You then have the opportunity, for homework to spend more time on the scene, learn your lines and perform it the following week in class after a longer rehearsal period. You will challenge yourself each week to come up with authentic and developed pieces.
  2. The first thirty minutes of each class is spent flexing the technical “muscles”. Actors will practice an exercise from either Practical Aesthetics, Viewpoints, Stanislavsky or Viola Spoon (improvisation) in order to gain a greater perspective for their preparation/development. These exercises can be put into immediate use in the script work.
  3. You will be around like minded artists and practitioners. At Pasvolsky Studio, actors find great joy in connecting with their peers. You will be challenged, supported and inspired by this dynamic group.
  4. At Pasvolsky Studio there is a strong focus on the actor creating their own opportunities. Members of this group have gone on to work together on individual projects and performances.
  5. You will be working towards an end of year showcase where local production companies and agencies will be in attendance. If you wish to raise your profile, this is the place to be.


If you are considering the Beginners course- “Acting Fundamentals”, you may simply want to have some fun. You may wish to gain more confidence by stepping out of your comfort zone, or you may have performed in the past and want a refresher course. This is the class for you. You will:

  1. Meet new people. In this friendly class, although there is a great deal of focus, there is also a lot of fun and spontaneity. It’s natural to feel nervous before your first Acting class, but once you step inside the rehearsal room, you’ll feel like you’re amongst friends.
  2. Have a lot of laughs- games, performance- fun! There’s nothing like seeing new participants enjoying themselves and being in the moment.
  3. Gain confidence- it’s always remarkable to see how much more confidence students have in week 7, as opposed to week 1 of the course. It’s a given that once students participate in this class that they will be much more self assured within themselves.
  4. Learn about performance- each week you will learn skills in Voice, Movement, Acting, Improvisation, Script Interpretation and Performance. You will be developing these skills which you can use in all areas of your life- not just Acting. For example, if we learn to project our voices, we can speak more confidently in the boardroom, the office or the classroom. If we understand characterisation, it can help us understand points of view in the real world. The skills you develop in an Acting class really do have the potential to change your life.
  5. A new community- you may find that you love Acting and wish to continue with Pasvolsky studio. You also may find that a whole new world opens up to you. Many students who have joined the group now find themselves performing in local plays, commercials and have an agent- previously, this would not have been a path they would have taken seriously.


“ACTING FUNDAMENTALS”- for Beginners- 7 Week Course/$270 (Early bird special runs till December 31st- after that the cost is $300.) Classes are on Saturdays 9-11 am, Merewether Uniting Church Hall, Glebe Road. First class February 6th.

PASVOLSKY STUDIO”- Intermediate to Advanced- 7 Week Course/$360 (Early bird special runs until December 31st- after that the cost is $400). Classes are on Saturdays 12-3pm, Merewether Uniting Church Hall, Glebe Rd. First class February 6th.

To book, phone Claire on 0412155950 or email for more information.












Pasvolsky Studio- Unique Actor Training for Adults

Hi Friends,

It’s been a great year for us at Pasvolsky Studio. To do a brief recap, we began 2015 with two week long Summer Intensives- the first in Acting and the second in Creativity.

Term 1 focused on the in class video production “The Gateway”- an episodic television format where students had the opportunity to develop a character over the term and perform “linked” scenes over a series of weeks. “The Gateway” was an original concept for a TV series, set in Newcastle about a group of interconnected characters, all dealing with various personal issues and struggles.

The rest of the year has focused on the two separate training courses- Acting Fundamentals and the Pasvolsky Studio. In Acting Fundamentals, students at Beginners to Intermediate Level gain core skills in a two hour class which focuses on Voice, Movement, Improvisation, Script Interpretation and Presentation. This is the perfect course for anybody who wants to gain more confidence, get out of their comfort zone or try their hand at acting. Some students who have done this course have continued to train and perform, others have been able to implement their new found skills/confidence into their work place/social environment. It’s a lot of fun, but also highly practical.

In the Pasvolsky Studio, we have been working on a series of sophisticated masterclasses where students experience a different level of training. Some of the focuses of the year have been on The Wooster Group; Deconstructing the Text, Practical Aesthetics and the work of David Mamet, Julie Taymor; Puppetry, Mask & Movement and Creating the One Person Show and Stand Up Comedy. Each week is a new and totally immersive experience for these actors who are at Intermediate to Advanced Level.

We have found our new home at the lovely Merewether uniting Church Hall and our classes take place on Saturdays. The morning session, Acting Fundamentals is on at 9-11am and the studio is on from 12noon- 3pm.

The reason Pasvolsky Studio is such a unique training ground for actors and other creatively minded people is that it truly is a nurturing and supportive environment where participants frequently experience “breakthroughs” on a personal, creative and performance level. Students of this method of training know that they are in charge of their destinies and are encouraged to strive for excellence and create their own work and opportunities.

Enrolments for 2016 are officially open. Due to the focus and productivity of the classes, numbers are strictly limited. Minimum age of participants is 16, there is no upper age limit. Admission to the Studio is subject to approval. Prior training will need to be taken into consideration.

Classes start February 6th, 2016. Until December 31st, 2015 there is a 10% Discount available as an early bird special.

Acting Fundamentals- 7 Week Course- $300 (10% Discount $270)

Pasvolsky Studio-7 Week Course- $400 (10% Discount $360)

Email- to book or call 0412155950 for more information

Imago Acting Studios Week One

Hello everyone.

As many of you know, Imago Acting Studios has been running for a few weeks now.

The classes are designed for actors looking to further their knowledge of theatrical forms and extend their abilities on stage.

Two student filmmakers, Ayden Poynter and Kane James, have been documenting our work in class and the video for the first class is ready for everyone to view.

Here is the first insight into our classes:


Hi There,

In the past few weeks, as I’ve been putting together workshops for my Acting classes- I’ve been looking at the terminology we use as lingo, language and description when we talk about Stanislavsky- “the Method”. I’ve noticed a direct link between the lingo, and the word “motivation” (which we use in Acting- as in “What’s my motivation? Why should my character do this?”)- and our every day creative lives- Motivational Creativity.


Work through these questions to gain clarity and motivation:

1. What’s your OBJECTIVE for your Creativity today? What do you want to do TODAY- e.g.- I want to write 1000 of my novel, or go and see a movie/exhibition- whatever. 

2. What’s your SUPER OBJECTIVE for the next six months? A super objective is an overriding goal- such as- I want to finish this collection of paintings and hold an exhibition- it’s a major statement, something big, but something achievable.

3. What ACTIONS can you take to move you closer to your goals? (manageable steps- can you make one today to move you closer to getting what you want?)

Helpful Tools:

Visualization: This can help move you closer to achieving your goals. Visualize living and breathing your goal/objective/super objective as if its happening now.

Active Imagination: Add on to your visualisation by invoking the five senses- imagine seeing through your own eyes and fully embodying your goal/objective/super objective.

Enjoy! Claire x

I am currently running 7 Week Programs/Workshops in Performance of Adults- Thursday Evenings is “Acting Fundamentals”, 6-9 pm (Tantrum, 48 Watt Street, Newcastle, NSW) and “Imago Actors Studio”- Saturday mornings 9-12. See website for booking details. Drop in classes are available.

Creativity IS for Everyone- Discovering Your 5 Unique Gifts- A chat with Dr Suvrat Bhargave

I recently had the opportunity to chat with the lovely Dr Suvrat Bhargave, a presenter on Hay House Radio on the subject of Creativity. Dr Bhargave is a renowned and respected educator, speaker, and board certified psychiatrist, specializing in child and adolescent psychiatry. His practice is based in Atlanta, Georgia, and he is a regular speaker nationally in the US on a broad range of topics related to personal growth, effective parenting, relationship satisfaction and mental health. Dr Bhargave completed his residency training and specialty fellowship from Duke University, North Carolina.

On his radio show “A Moment of Insight”, Dr B (as he is affectionately called by his patients) recently discussed how an if an individual can discover their five unique gifts, that they will be utilising their strengths and creativity. I wanted to find out more about Dr B’s ideas on how people can discover and then live their gifts, so thanks Dr B for answering these questions- I think we’re all going to have a moment of insight!

Q. Do you think everyone is creative?

A. “I do believe that creativity is a force that can be accessed by each of us, much like intuition or love. Unfortunately, as is the case with action-reaction pairs, there are forces that oppose each of these energies. For example, love is often opposed by fear, and, similarly, creativity is most challenged by doubt. What could I possibly have to say? Is my voice valuable enough? Will I be heard? Creativity is a force of expression, and every voice matters.”

Q. What is Creativity?

A. “I also believe that we confine this expansive force with narrow definitions. The traditional arts- dancing, painting, sculpting, singing- are beautiful vehicles of expression, but what about the perspective of a mechanic, who in his zone sees the design of the engine before him and then weaves in his work. Or what about the poetry of numbers a mathematician pens? Or the arrangement of ingredients that results in the masterpiece of a heartfelt meal? People are quick to dismiss their creative potential without considering the daily ways in which they may be exhibiting that very ability.”

Q. Why is it important for us to discover our 5 unique gifts?

A. “The path to tapping into all the energies of the Universe is through authenticity. We taint creativity, intuition, love, or any of the positive forces when we dilute ourselves for others or for perceived expectations. On the other hand, we are most aligned with all the possibilities of the Universe when we can be true to who we are. Who we are includes the 5 Gifts. I believe that we are all God’s children and that He sends each of us into the world with innate gifts. Qualities and characteristics that are inherent and steadfast despite what has happened in our lives or who is around us in any given moment. People are often able to list quickly their qualities that are negative or need fixing, but I encourage people to write down their unique list of Gifts.”

Q. How can we find out what those Gifts actually are?

A. “I would give yourself a deadline of a few days to come up with your list- and don’t consult others- you are exploring yourself, not the perceptions of others. Once the list is made, I advise that it be carried around or placed in a spot that is viewed throughout the day- at least until it can be recited readily without having to be referenced. The point is to have a conscious, balanced awareness of who you are.”

Q. So, your list may look something like this: “My 5 Unique Gifts Are: 1. My creativity 2. My compassion 3. My ability to play the piano 4. My heightened intuition 5. My quirky sense of humour. How then, does one go about utilising these gifts?

A.”Once you are aware of your 5 Unique Gifts, you should set out to make the most of these. After all, you certainly don’t want to waste your God-given talents! Surround yourself with activities, opportunities, and interactions that make the most of your characteristics.Use your gifts to better understand the roles and purposes of your life. For example, if one of your gifts is Creativity- then go through your day looking for ways to deliberately utilise this quality- and remember again not to confine the definition of this.”

Q. Can you have more than 5 Gifts on your list?

A. “You can absolutely add onto the list of Gifts as you discover more about who you are and what you have to offer. You’ll see that the more authentic you are in the understanding of yourself and the more that you honour who you are, the energies and the possibilites of the Universe will flow towards you.”

To find out more about Dr. B, visit his website at What are your 5 Unique Gifts? I’d love to hear from you!


“Only children believe they’re capable of everything.”- Paolo Coelho

As a Creativity and Acting Teacher, one of my greatest joys is seeing inspiration come alive. When adult students of Acting and Creativity get motivated and switched on, they become gloriously animated and childlike. What is that about? I believe it is a rememberence of their true self, a coming “home”, if you will.

So many people have severe wounds from their childhood, but if you examine the purity of the child as they play, before any harm or self consciousness or shame has been inflicted on them- this is the essence of true creativity. Creativity is freedom, it is like taking flight, knowing that you are safely and divinely protected.

I ran a workshop on the weekend on Creativity and I was introduced by a former student as someone who “creates a safe haven for artists to flourish. Students are encouraged to be themselves, to be inspired and to play.” That was awesome. That is what I try to do in all of my classes, I just hadn’t thought of it like that.

“I can’t go back to yesterday because I was a different person then.” Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland

Transformation occurs in my workshops and courses. People are rarely the same as when they arrive. Why would you want to be? I think we all need to be supported as we expand and grow into a higher version of ourselves.

“Why do you stay in prison when the door is so wide open?” Rumi

Perhaps our “prisons” were not of our making, but now as adults we have the chance to propel ourselves into higher vibrations of consciousness and creativity. Be free, seek freedom, seek to feed your creative soul. What is it you want more of? What do you want less of? Not sure? Need clarity? Join one of my classes or coaching sessions and fly!

Workshops start this week- “Acting Fundamentals” Thursday evenings- 8 weeks, 6-9 pm, “Imago Actors Studio” Saturday mornings 9-12- “Unleashing Your Creativity”- a four week course starts in August. Coaching available via Skype. xx


“Play is the highest form of research.”- Albert Eienstein

I hesitate to call my workshops, workshops, because, they are, essentially “playshops.” The word “work” suggests restriction, labour, unpleasantness and a sense of “have to”- but I believe my classes inspire the participants through freedom, flow and creativity.

Here’s how “grown up” participants play in my classes:

1. They are able to make their own choices

2. They are able to be creative

3. They are able to exercise their curiosity

4. They are safe and supported while taking risks

5. They connect with others in a meaningful way

Play is not just for children. Simon Cowell climbs a tree everyday. A strange ritual, perhaps, but it connects him with nature, strength and a sense of play.

“Play is the answer to how anything new comes about.”- Jean Piaget

In our classes, students “try things out”. The atmosphere is so relaxed and supportive that there are no mistakes and when something wonderful happens, it is amazing.

The secret of genius is to carry the spirit of the child into old age.”- Aldous Huxley

Age is no barrier in these classes. So far, our oldest student has been in his eighties and his youthful spirit inspired all of us. Connect with the playful side of yourself and remember how fun it can be to think with the limitless vision of a child.

It is a happy talent to know how to play.”- Ralph Waldo Emerson

It’s amazing how quickly the “grown ups” reconnect with the part in themselves that likes to play, a part that has likely been stifled, left behind or forgotten. When you see a glint in the eye of a student who is having so much fun and connecting with their highest and truest nature, it is a beautiful thing.

You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than a year of conversation.”- Plato

Imagine how much you can discover in each three hour “play-shop”. You learn about yourself, you learn about others.

Life must be lived as play.” Plato

In our classes, we are switched on, centred, positive and completely in the moment. You leave your troubles and worries outside- roll up your sleeves and start playing.

Classes begin next week- so contact me immediately to reserve a space in the beginners class “Acting Fundamentals” (Thursday nights 6pm at Tantrum) or “Imago Actors Studio” (Saturday Mornings 9am at Tantrum)


“Theater had been “home” for me since I was fourteen. It was the place I felt most alive. My highest highs were in theaters, either on stage or in the audience.”- Eric Bogosian

For many of us “artistic types”- we often feel out of sync with the rest of the world- we are the misfits, the daydreamers, the alternatives, the moody ones who sit in corners. We are writing poetry on our placemats, drawing masterpieces in our text books- in the class room in body, because we have to be, but in our minds- we are in an alternative universe.

When a creative adult, child or teenager finds their spiritual artistic home it is a wonderful thing. You finally find an alternative “family”, a “tribe” that speaks your language. The misfit has found other misfits as partners in crime, or rather partners in creativity. I was fortunate, like Eric Bogosian to find my artistic “home” at fourteen at Tantrum Theatre in Newcastle. It was the first place I could be myself and connect with other quirky and creative kids. Unlike other “sing out Louise!” theatre’s for young people, Tantrum focused on acceptance, artistry and the creation of new work- celebrating and respecting kids as the individual wonders they already are.

Tantrum came into my life as a teenager when my outside world was falling apart. It was my sanctuary- my safe place. Creating new worlds and performing in a supportive environment was paramount in my further development as an artist. Without that foundation, I don’t know if I would have pursued this career in the same way. As artists, we all need to find a “home”.

The definition of home, is a safe place where we are understood, sheltered, nurtured and protected. Creating my own company and classes, I have witnessed participants finding an alternative “home”. A light switches on, a remembrance to their true self comes into the rehearsal room. If a miracle is a shift in perception, I see miracles in my classes everyday. I see courage, creativity and profound realisations in my actors as they connect to their higher selves and their work and express themselves in a safe and nurturing environment. Participants can often find themselves in an emotional state of gratitude- they have returned home.

If you’re looking for your spiritual and artistic home, consider joining one of my classes in July. If performance is not your thing, perhaps you could consider getting involved in another artistic community. When you follow your heart, remember what you love creating, you will find your tribe.

8 Week Courses beginning in July- Acting Fundamentals (Thursday evenings) and The Imago Actors Studio (Saturday mornings)- go to for more details.