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“Well, it’s been one week since I completed Claire’s Acting Fundamentals class and I’m not going to lie…I miss it already! As a newbie to the acting arena, I just loved it. Each week, Claire encourages you to set an intention for the class. Mine was always the same- don’t think, don’t monitor yourself, just get in and “do”. Claire creates a space where this is possible- not because it is warm and fuzzy- but because she is professional, engaged, focused and fun. One of the best experiences I have had- sign me up for the next one!”
– Emma Graham, Senior Ecosystems Officer-Sustainability, Lake Macquarie Council

“Claire’s classes are well designed, enjoyable and challenging. Her insight as an actor is invaluable when giving feedback and encouraging reflection. She provides a supportive teaching environment. Highly recommend her classes!”
– Kate Davidson, Teacher

“I was pushed to my limit and that’s what every actor wants. The are classes with such a high level of professionalism and an emphasis on ensemble work that had everyone relaxed. Working on my monologue was rewarding and something I never knew I could do in 10mins! I strongly recommend that our theatre community get on board and learn more about their craft. Whether you have been doing this for 2 years or 22 years, challenging oneself is key for our thriving Newcastle Theatre Community so we can be a better teacher, director, writer or actor. JUST DO IT!!”
– Angela McKeown, Youth Acting Teacher

From other Students:

“I love the Studio and how it pushes actors to the best of their abilities, I really want to go back when I’m able to. I grew a lot in terms of confidence levels and trusting myself in the performance space. I learned to try and push my acting ability in every experience I get and not hold back from myself or others. The feeling of exhilaration and satisfaction after working with Claire and other actors is something magical & rewarding which I’ve never got elsewhere.”

“I gained so much confidence in such a short time. The overall feeling of taking that step outside my comfort zone, has opened up my imagination. I look forward to continuing training with Claire and seeing what opportunities come my way.”

“Terrific fun, very freeing, great opportunity to open yourself up to new things and take yourself out of your comfort zone.”

“I’ve reconnected with that person inside that enjoys creativity, acting and theatre.”

“Sensational, organic teacher who makes us greater than we are, safe and challenging environment, warm, friendly and supportive groups.”

“A fantastic, inspirational, beautiful experience.”

“I like being in the space that Claire creates. I’ve learned to be comfortable being in the present moment.”

“Judgement free, very supportive and enlightening. From the inspirational oracle card exercises, to movement, to being able to interact with people you’ve just met. Such a worthwhile experience.”

“Expertly planned. Works so well as a whole. Super structured, yet a sense of informality and support in a relaxed environment. Expect it to be different, but so helpful.”

“The kind of learning I was looking for. Techniques for thinking creatively I would not have thought existed. I’ve grown as a performer and a person. Recommended for beginners and experienced alike.”

“Amazing. Major breakthroughs. Gives you confidence to approach further projects. Relaxed, chilled and you gain so much. Every week you try something new. A safe place to try being crazy!”

“Absolutely loved the course. Had no prior experience. Gained so much confidence quickly. My vocal skills have improved. I’ve come out of myself and met a lovely group of people.”

“Thoroughly enjoyed the classes. Encouraging, safe and respectful. Interesting challenges, designed to coax the best out of us. Masterfully balances various ages, experience, talents and interests. Personally experienced a real creative breakthrough.”

“One of my favourite moments was when we focused solely on body movements as opposed to dialogue. We were to act as an animal in a scene with one other person who was also an animal of their choice. It was really interesting to see how two people connect with purely each other’s actions and movements with very little speech.”

“I gained so much confidence, the ability to begin interpreting texts, the different energies required to act out certain texts and some fantastic new friends.”