Ultimate Self Care Daydream

Hi Friends,

Here’s a fun exercise…on cultivating self care.

1. Rate your level of self care out of 10 (How well do you take care of yourself? Do you get enough sleep, activity, healthy food, alone time, chill time etc?)

2. Now time to day dream….design your ultimate self care day. Take the kids, the job, the obligation etc out of it. Design the day from waking to sleeping. What would you be doing? Where would you be? A resort in Bali? At home in bed watching “Orange is the New Black”, having a hot stone massage…in this day dream money and time are not an issue…draw it, write it, make a vision board….enjoy your self care indulgence…

3. Now take a look at your day dream. Is there something you could put into your reality this week? Could you schedule a massage, or a walk on the beach by yourself? Is there one think you could do to enhance your level of self care this week, that wouldn’t be too much of a stretch?

4. In an ideal world, and when we are at our best, we are taking excellent care of ourselves. But in the day to day reality of the pressure cooker of life; this isn’t always easy. Even if you dedicate one hour a week to doing something small, yet nurturing for yourself, you’re going to feel so much better.

5. Challenge- do one thing- one thing only this week to pamper yourself. Schedule it in the diary, do it and enjoy!

Love Claire xx

suggested reading- “The Art of Extreme Self Care” by Cheryl Richardson


Life Designing; Creating Your Ideal Life…today!

Hi Friends,

Many of us dream about achieving everything one day. The car, the dream home, the successful career, the perfect body; the list goes on…”one day, I’ll get there,” we tell ourselves. Well, what about today? Why don’t we take a little time out today to design our ideal life, based on what we already have?

I did this exercise with a friend recently, and asked her to rate the following areas of her life out of ten (ten being the highest,, if something sucks right now, give it a 1). Doing this exercise surprised my friend, because she realized, that a lot was already working in her life. For example, for the category of Physical Environment, she scored a 10. My friend loves and appreciates her 2 bedroom apartment. She loves the location, the Art Deco style, the rent is reasonable and she’s got it clean and organized. So it’s a 10. Yay! Romance was a 9, Money and Finances an 8, Personal Development a 9, Family and Friends a 9 and Fun and Joy an 8.

On the flip side, she scored 5 on Health and Fitness. So, I asked her, “what would it take to bring it to a 10?” The answer; more sleep, healthier food, an exercise routine. The next question, “what would it take to bring it to a 10 today?” The action steps included taking a walk on the beach , cooking a healthy dinner and going to bed an hour earlier. Snap! Instant improvement.

So here’s today’s exercise;
1. Under each category, give yourself a rating out of 10
Health and Fitness
Work and Career
Money and Finances
Physical Environment
Personal Development
Family and Friends
Fun and Joy

2. Then, take a few moments to ask yourself, what would my life look like if every category scored a 10? Don’t write an essay, just a sentence or two will do.

3. Finally, choose one or two categories, preferably your lowest scoring categories and take 3 action steps TODAY! For example, maybe your finances suck. You score a 1. It’s a dismal state of affairs. What can you do to turn this around? Maybe one action step you can take is to borrow a financial classic from the library, (notice I said borrow, don’t buy!) like Napoleon Hill’s “Think and Grow Rich”. The second action step might be to make a mind map of how you can earn more money, the next might be to track your spending for a month (as in every cent you spend) in a small notebook, so at the end of the month you can review your spending and see what you can change.

4. By taking a few simple action steps today, in an area of our life that’s not working the way we want it to; we reclaim our power. As one of my gurus, Cheryl Richardson says “inactivity equals anxiety.” So let’s do it friends, let’s bring everything up to a 10! Enjoy!

Love from Claire xx