5 Tips To Not Over Do Easter

Hi Friends,

Is it possible to not be a total killjoy over the holidays if you’re on a health kick? Absolutely! Whether or not you want to avoid it all together or indulge a little, here are 5 quick tips to keep you on your path:

1. Be straight up with people. Simply say, “I can’t eat that stuff, no matter how good it tastes. Sugar and gluten are not in my diet and if I eat that Easter egg or hot cross bun I might have a strong reaction.”

2. Set limits. If you want some chocolate, have some, just not too much. Buy only half a dozen hot cross buns to share. If you don’t have it at home, don’t eat it.

3. Surrender. If the pressure is too great, enjoy without guilt and know that you can start again on your health plan on Monday .

4. Pre plan. Think about the next few days; where will you be going and what will you be eating? If you’re organised, you’re less likely to over eat and get stressed.

5. Enjoy. Remember Easter only comes once a year and not only is it a spiritual time, but an opportunity to spend time with family and friends.

Happy Easter!