“Play is the highest form of research.”- Albert Eienstein

I hesitate to call my workshops, workshops, because, they are, essentially “playshops.” The word “work” suggests restriction, labour, unpleasantness and a sense of “have to”- but I believe my classes inspire the participants through freedom, flow and creativity.

Here’s how “grown up” participants play in my classes:

1. They are able to make their own choices

2. They are able to be creative

3. They are able to exercise their curiosity

4. They are safe and supported while taking risks

5. They connect with others in a meaningful way

Play is not just for children. Simon Cowell climbs a tree everyday. A strange ritual, perhaps, but it connects him with nature, strength and a sense of play.

“Play is the answer to how anything new comes about.”- Jean Piaget

In our classes, students “try things out”. The atmosphere is so relaxed and supportive that there are no mistakes and when something wonderful happens, it is amazing.

The secret of genius is to carry the spirit of the child into old age.”- Aldous Huxley

Age is no barrier in these classes. So far, our oldest student has been in his eighties and his youthful spirit inspired all of us. Connect with the playful side of yourself and remember how fun it can be to think with the limitless vision of a child.

It is a happy talent to know how to play.”- Ralph Waldo Emerson

It’s amazing how quickly the “grown ups” reconnect with the part in themselves that likes to play, a part that has likely been stifled, left behind or forgotten. When you see a glint in the eye of a student who is having so much fun and connecting with their highest and truest nature, it is a beautiful thing.

You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than a year of conversation.”- Plato

Imagine how much you can discover in each three hour “play-shop”. You learn about yourself, you learn about others.

Life must be lived as play.” Plato

In our classes, we are switched on, centred, positive and completely in the moment. You leave your troubles and worries outside- roll up your sleeves and start playing.

Classes begin next week- so contact me immediately to reserve a space in the beginners class “Acting Fundamentals” (Thursday nights 6pm at Tantrum) or “Imago Actors Studio” (Saturday Mornings 9am at Tantrum)


Hi Friends,

As a Creativity Coach/Teacher/Writer/Director, I am often asked, “What is creativity?” The answer I give is a quote direct from Creativity Master Teacher, Julia Cameron, “Creativity is the natural order of life. Life is energy: pure creative energy.” I believe my role as a teacher/coach is to help and inspire students to get into the flow of their creativity- to be “in the zone”. To watch a student be so immersed in their own ideas and the actualization of those ideas is both incredible and a privilege.

This January, I will be teaching a five day workshop (19th-23rd) in Newcastle, NSW, entitled “Unleashing Your Creativity”. Putting this workshop together has been so much fun, and the first source I have turned to is Julia Cameron, who’s ground breaking book “The Artist’s Way” truly changed my life forever and thousands of others. I am often asked if I am working for Julia (I’m not and I’ve never met her) as I’m always telling people to buy that book if they want to conquer fears, become empowered and discover and inhabit their true artistry. “The Artist’s Way” , for those of you who aren’t familiar with it is a twelve week workbook where students read essays, do weekly creative tasks and devote time to their self care and recovery in order to break through negativity and blocks. It truly is an extraordinary process, that if students can commit to it they will see miracles within themselves and in the outer world. You literally start seeing things differently and come to understand that creativity is a necessary component for the soul.

Conglomerating my own material for the five day intensive has had me take an inventory of my own creative journey. I believe, to truly achieve as an artist, you need to have a firm understanding of yourself, your history, your beliefs and an acceptance of your struggles. There is necessary work to be done in order to see your creativity flourish and be set into the world, hopefully to make it a better place.

My five day intensive will include automatic writing exercises, visual storytelling and exploration, physical law of attraction exercises, mind mapping, flow dreaming, visualisations and meditations as well as a practical “nuts and bolts” approach to how they are actually going to fulfil their creative aspirations. Students will learn how to be kind to themselves, hear their needs and release unwanted baggage. Had I not done The Artist’s Way, I wonder where I would be today. I credit that book with helping me finish plays, start companies and produce my own work, without waiting for something to magically appear.

When you understand that creativity is spirituality in action, and that you are the engine for making things happen, then you can step into your artistry. Everyone is creative. As Sir Ken Robinson says, “Creativity is now as important as education and literacy.” So, be good to your soul. Have fun. Read Julia’s book. Buy a sketch book and draw with crayons. Go to the movies. Listen to Shostakovich. Think, explore, write, create. Live fully by seeing the beauty of the world and adding to it. Love Claire xx

“Unleashing Your Creativity” 5 day intensive- January 19-23rd. 48 Watt Street- Bookings- clairepasvolsky@gmail.com

Creative Coaching sessions available- clairepasvolsky@gmail.com