Hi There,

In the past few weeks, as I’ve been putting together workshops for my Acting classes- I’ve been looking at the terminology we use as lingo, language and description when we talk about Stanislavsky- “the Method”. I’ve noticed a direct link between the lingo, and the word “motivation” (which we use in Acting- as in “What’s my motivation? Why should my character do this?”)- and our every day creative lives- Motivational Creativity.


Work through these questions to gain clarity and motivation:

1. What’s your OBJECTIVE for your Creativity today? What do you want to do TODAY- e.g.- I want to write 1000 of my novel, or go and see a movie/exhibition- whatever. 

2. What’s your SUPER OBJECTIVE for the next six months? A super objective is an overriding goal- such as- I want to finish this collection of paintings and hold an exhibition- it’s a major statement, something big, but something achievable.

3. What ACTIONS can you take to move you closer to your goals? (manageable steps- can you make one today to move you closer to getting what you want?)

Helpful Tools:

Visualization: This can help move you closer to achieving your goals. Visualize living and breathing your goal/objective/super objective as if its happening now.

Active Imagination: Add on to your visualisation by invoking the five senses- imagine seeing through your own eyes and fully embodying your goal/objective/super objective.

Enjoy! Claire x

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Cultivating Grit

Hi Friends,

Grit is the positive personality trait that separates the marathon runners from the sprinters. Individuals with grit are persistent, resilient and ambitious, and stand a greater chance of staying on course to achieve long term goals. Do you have grit? Do you need to toughen up and get some so you can move forward in your life and abandon fear and lack of direction? Can grit be cultivated? Here are some ways that you can examine the grittier side of yourself and start really taking charge of the direction you’re going in…

1. Take a quick inventory of your personal values. What is your overriding ambition or heart’s desire? Try to get as specific as you can, so that you have a pithy statement that sums it up, for example; “I want to reach my goal weight and maximum level of health and fitness so that I am in the best physical shape of my life.”

2. Once you have your specific goal, create a timeline. How long will this goal take to achieve? If it’s a year, break up your time line in three months parts, and write out the specific aspects of those parts of the goal. You need to know where you are at the moment, what it will look like along the way and what it will look like once you arrive.

3. Imagine a stronger, tougher, more confident grittier version of yourself standing before you. This is your Gritty self; the version of yourself who will never give up on what you truly want and for whom fear and procrastination is not an option. How does this person stand? How is their posture? What is their attitude? Now, using all your powers of visualization, imagine stepping inside this person, and looking out at the world through their eyes. What’s your new perspective?

4. Take up running or any kind of physical exercise that’s going to motivate and inspire you to become physically and mentally stronger. 

5. If you haven’t got a thick skin and a clear direction, just pretend that you do for one day. If that’s too much, try one hour. Again, do the visualization of stepping into the grittier version of yourself, and see how clearer things are and how much more you can achieve by cultivating true grit.

Love Claire x