Happy New Year!

Here’s a fun exercise to determine which creative projects or goals we’re going to work on in 2016. Instead of looking at the entire year ahead, let’s just focus on the first quarter- this takes us from now up until March 31st.

  1. Get a piece of paper and divide it into 3 columns
  2. Label each column with the heading “Project 1”, “Project 2” and “Project 3”
  3. Now, choose your projects/goals- it could be: Project 1- Learn Guitar, Project 2- Go to an Acting Class, Project 3- Write a novel
  4. Look at your list again- is it realistic? Can you actually accomplish these three things by the end of the first quarter, or is this list already stressing you out? Yes or no?
  5. Re-edit list- it might look now look like this Project 1-Start guitar lessons, Project 2- Start going to an Acting Class, Project 3- Write a short story/plot for my novel
  6. Now you have three projects to work on that are actually in your grasp of achieving.
  7. Now under each heading, list 5 steps you need to take in order to achieve these outcomes- for example “Start guitar lessons” a)get guitar out of the garage b) tune it c) research group classes- where are they on/who’s running them/what appeals? d)listen to some music that inspires me e) sign up/attend classes etc.
  8. Do the same kind of list under each project, the Acting Class process will be similar, but if writing is your goal you will need to be more specific/disciplined and realistic, for example- how much time can you devote to your practice? Do you need to set your alarm half an hour early just to get up and write before the rest of the household interrupts you?
  9. Now you have a blue print for the first quarter of the year. The list should now feel supportive to your wishes, not stressful. Don’t forget to tick off your achievements from this list, no matter how small! For example, you can’t start guitar lessons without getting your guitar out of the garage- tick! That’s one thing off your list.

I hope this year is super creative for you and you are able to connect with your soul through that which you love- be it music, art, writing, performance or whatever makes you smile. I am available as a Creativity Coach both in person or via Skype and my seven week courses are listed below- Love Claire xx

Acting Classes- Term 1- Acting Fundamentals (Beginners class for Grown Ups)- 7 Weeks/$300, Saturday Mornings 9-11am (Feb 6th, 2016) Pasvolsky Studio (Intermediate to Advanced)- 7 Weeks/$360, Saturdays Midday- 3pm (Feb 6th, 2016). Creative and Acting Coaching sessions are available in person or via Skype. Email me to book-




There is no greater way to kick off the New Year than with a “boot camp” for your creativity. I’m excited to let you know that I’ll be running my annual “Unleash Your Creativity Workshop- A Pro-Treat (Not a Retreat) for Your Soul.”

In this dynamic, inspiring and fast paced workshop you will gain extreme clarity in your visions/goals/creative projects. you will be fully supported- and by the end of Day 3 you will be crystal clear in your intentions, expectations, actions and outcomes for 2016.

In order to achieve our dreams, we need to be held accountable for the action steps we need to take on the way to accomplishment. We need to be PROACTIVE in our creativity. If we take action towards the accomplishment of our creative desires, the Universe will meets half way.

This course is suitable for anyone who wants to lead a more creative life. You may have specific goals such as writing a book, launching a stand up career, staging a play or writing a screenplay, or you may simply want to align yourself to the joy of your own creativity.

Due to the intimate and concentrated nature of this course- the numbers are strictly limited. If you think this course may be something that will help you on your journey- please get in touch immediately as places will go quickly. For more information on me and my work, please go to

Dates of Course- January 4,5,6, 2016

Times- 10 am- 3pm ( with a 1 hour lunch break at 12 pm)

Place- Merewether Uniting Church Hall, Glebe Road, Merewether

Cost- $350 (there is an early bird special of $300 if payment is received by November 30th, 2015)

Contact- Claire Pasvolsky-,, 0412155950

Remote Coaching- Coaching Sessions are also available via Skype if you are in an alternative location

Super Achievers Work REALLY, REALLY Hard!

Hi Friends,

In my current work I am researching the traits of Super Achievers and one of the things that may seem super obvious, is that they choose one goal, a long term goal, something they’re completely passionate about and then give it their all. Here’s a little exercise to get you in touch with your own greatest success story and think about how you might like to refocus on a past success in order to gain clarity to your current goal or ambition. 

As always, when I’m writing and researching and coming up with these little exercises, I’m gaining clarity and insight into what I have to do to make the leap, so join me please…here we go!!!


1. Think about your greatest success and achievement of a long term goal (examples could include completing a University/College Degree, starting up a business, losing a load of weight etc)

2. How long, from start to finish, did it take to achieve? (Chances are it might have taken longer than you’d expected)

3. Looking back at your goal, what were the step by step processes you took along the way? (a)research b)contact c)preparation d)hiring/seeking help from an expert e)devising a strategy f)more research/preparation etc)

4. Isn’t that list amazing? You’ve now got a blue print that has worked for you in the past and can work for you again

The thing with achieving long term goals, is that they have to be defined. They take time. You have to really, really want them and you have to work really, really hard. I found this exercise really helpful in remembering the hard work involved with achieving a long term goal and applying it to my current aspirations.

Love Claire xx


Hi Friends,

It is with great enthusiasm that I announce the official launch of my business “CREATIVE POWER SESSIONS”. WHAT’S A CREATIVE POWER SESSION, you might ask? It’s a little bit like working with a life coach, but the sole purpose is for you to work on your Creative skills/goals and aspirations. I’m super excited to be conducting Creative Power Sessions via Skype calls so that I can reach a wider audience of clients. I’ve been working with creative people all my life, and coaching individual artists face to face for over a decade.

Here’s what you can expect from a 1 hour Creative Power Session-
1. To Feel Empowered- You can do it, absolutely
2. To Feel Inspired- I’ve got a million ideas to give you
3. To Gain Clarity- You need to know EXACTLY what you want
4. To Have A Strategy- Talent is nothing without strategy
5. To Feel Super Motivated- You’ll know exactly what to do next

So whether you want to be the next Lady Gaga/Frida Kahlo/Jared Leto or Eminem, or if you just want to add more creativity to your everyday life- a Creative Power Session with me is the key to abandoning fear and self doubt and getting your grit on to make your dreams a reality.

So email me today to book a session and let’s get your creativity into action mode! (1 hr Skype Call $75/ Concession $55)

How Our Heroes Can Help Us

Morning Friends,

Here’s a fun exercise on how to further think about what we really want to do with our lives….

1. Grab a sheet of paper

2. In the middle of the page, draw a circle and write “MY SUPER 5”- and then draw 5 arrows going in different directions, from that circle

3. Then at the end of those arrows; draw 5 smaller circles

4. In each of those 5 circles, write the names of people you think are awesome. They do not have to be celebrities or public figures. They could be your boss or one of your parents. It doesn’t matter; just ask yourself, without pondering too much; who are my super 5?

5. Your circles might contain names like this (I’m putting a few of my faves in here, just as an example); Oprah, Marianne Williamson, Thich Nhat Hanh, Richard Fidler, Kirstie Allsop (what a mixed bag of peeps, but you’ll see where I’m going with this in a minute…)

6. Then, from those 5 names, draw 5 lines coming off each circle and then write the things you like and admire about those people

7. Think about the person, what they stand for and what they do; what it is you like about them. For example, with Oprah on your list, you might write about her- teacher, authentic, connected, spiritual talks, phenomenal role model, etc. I put Richard Fidler on my list, because he is my all time favourite interviewer, the qualities I like are; presentation, connection with subject, personability, enthusiasm, thorough knowledge of subject…and Kirstie Allsopp, TV presenter, the qualities I love about her are; passion, enthusiasm, fun energy, connection to the people she’s talking to etc; Thich Nhat Han, the qualities I revere are; peace maker, advanced soul, serene, peaceful communicator etc, and then Marianne Williamson; extraordinary speaker, hyper intelligent, challenging, spiritual expert etc. It doesn’t necessarily matter who the person is that you choose, but for some reason, you like these people; their energy, their message, whatever.

8. Once your mind map is complete, you have an entire page of information with which to guide you on your own quest

9. Have some of the people you’ve chosen surprised you? What about their qualities? Do any of them overlap?

10. Without giving it too much attention, see if there’s any guidance for you on this map. For example, do qualities or skills come up more than once, for example; speaker, teacher, compassion, enthusiasm?

11. Don’t give it to much thought or concern; just marinate on it for a while and hold onto that piece of paper…Part 2 of the exercise will be tomorrow

I’d love to hear from you. Who made it onto your list? What was it about these 5 people that you liked/admired? Let me know by leaving a comment on the blog. 

Claire x