“With this performance piece, I am seeking the answer to this question- Can something truly precious be exchanged in a fleeting moment of time?” Lauren Cruickshank

My dear friend, performance artist Lauren Cruickshank had an amazing conversation last week. Lauren lives in Melbourne and has recently been on an artistic pilgrimage around Australia and on her return home, had a life altering conversation with a taxi driver.

The young Indian taxi driver spoke to Lauren about his work as connecting with people. He told her that the conversations he has with his passangers are precious gifts- gifts of significance. He told Lauren about an elderly passenger who appeared much younger than his ninety years- when the driver asked him what his secret was he said, “I have always sung. I love music, I always listen to it and sing in choirs. I married the love of my life and every delicious meal she made me was cooked with love. Music, love and food made with love makes for a happy life.”

This got Lauren thinking about creating a performance piece based on creating an exchange between herself and one on one audience members to create an actual meaningful connection- this was the subject of our conversation last week, and what she is currently now developing.

Thanks to another deep and meaningful chat with Lauren- I was inspired to create an improvisational exercise in last week’s classes based on meaningful connections and significant gifts. I had class participants, simply being themselves and picking out a question that I had selected. Questions included; “What is the soul?” “Do you believe in past lives?” “What has been your greatest success in life/why etc” “Who do you wish you had thanked?” What occurred was quite remarkable. Participants connected with each other in a quite profound way- sharing their knowledge, philosophies, insights and experiences. There was the listening, the offering and the give and take of an improvisation- which really is still, often just a conversation. However, because the participants were being themselves and sharing their own insights- the exercise was meaningful. It was precious.

Thank you Lauren for our conversation and inspiration. This experience has also shed light on something for me as an Acting and Creativity Practitioner and Teaching Artist- I want the space of my classes and rehearsal spaces and performances to be significant, meaningful and precious. Acting and Creativity is all about connection- genuine connection, openness and vulnerability.

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“What you think, you become. What you feel, you attract. What you imagine, you create.” Buddha

The first thing to do when you get what you really, really want is to notice it. So often, we are so caught up in focusing on the next thing, that we fail to realise we have achieved a major goal, accomplishment, or heart’s desire.

One way to do this is to break your life down into seven year cycles. 0-7, 7-14, 14-21, 21-28, 28-35, 35-42, 42-49, 49-56, and so on. Look at how every seven years have been different and what you have accomplished in those  periods. You’ll be amazed at how much has happened.

Sometimes we are so busy living our lives that we don’t notice how much we already have.

Shine like the whole Universe is yours.” Rumi

Often, when we achieve something major, we run the risk of feeling like we don’t deserve it. You do deserve the gift, whatever it is- destiny says that it’s meant to be yours. Listen to that small, depleting voice that warns, “I don’t deserve this”, “Somebody might take this away from me”, “I’m a fraud,”- that voice may be trying to protect you, but that voice is not your advocate. You deserve success. You deserve happiness. You deserve to live the life of your dreams.“In my defencelessness, my safety lies.” A Course in Miracles

Just be grateful and say thank you. Be open to receiving that which is wonderful.

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Hi There,

In the past few weeks, as I’ve been putting together workshops for my Acting classes- I’ve been looking at the terminology we use as lingo, language and description when we talk about Stanislavsky- “the Method”. I’ve noticed a direct link between the lingo, and the word “motivation” (which we use in Acting- as in “What’s my motivation? Why should my character do this?”)- and our every day creative lives- Motivational Creativity.


Work through these questions to gain clarity and motivation:

1. What’s your OBJECTIVE for your Creativity today? What do you want to do TODAY- e.g.- I want to write 1000 of my novel, or go and see a movie/exhibition- whatever. 

2. What’s your SUPER OBJECTIVE for the next six months? A super objective is an overriding goal- such as- I want to finish this collection of paintings and hold an exhibition- it’s a major statement, something big, but something achievable.

3. What ACTIONS can you take to move you closer to your goals? (manageable steps- can you make one today to move you closer to getting what you want?)

Helpful Tools:

Visualization: This can help move you closer to achieving your goals. Visualize living and breathing your goal/objective/super objective as if its happening now.

Active Imagination: Add on to your visualisation by invoking the five senses- imagine seeing through your own eyes and fully embodying your goal/objective/super objective.

Enjoy! Claire x

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Use The Wisdom of Eminem to Sort Your Goals Out

“You only get one shot, do not miss your chance to blow This opportunity comes once in a lifetime-yo”- Eminem, “Lose Yourself”

It’s as simple as that. You get one shot. What are you going to do with your life? If you’re unclear, you need to get clear and a great way to do that is to do my 2 Day Course in May (2nd and 3rd, 2015, Newcastle, NSW) “Unleash Your Creativity: the course that will change your life” or book in for a coaching session either in person or via skype (enquiries-

If you could wave a magic wand and create your ultimate reality- what would it look like? Can you visualize, can you conceptualise it? Can you experience it as a day dream and then break it down into steps to making it a reality? Who’s the Boss? Tony Danza? (Ben Stller, “Reality Bites”)- hell no- you’re in charge, you’re running the show. First step is to figure out what you want, second step is to figure out how to get it. Don’t get overwhelmed, get support to become accountable.

If you had one shot, or one opportunity To seize everything you ever wanted- one moment- Would you capture it, or just let it slip?” Eminem, “Lose Yourself”

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Hi Friends,

Ten years ago I had a quarter life crisis. In 2004, I was living overseas, I’d just finished drama school in the UK and had come out of a long term relationship. I found myself (as you do) in New York City struggling with extreme uncertainty. At 25, I knew I didn’t want to be an actor anymore, I wanted to be a writer and work in film and theatre, but I didn’t know which country to choose or where to go next. I was in a major down place and the fear and anxiety was beyond overwhelming.

One day I went to The Met in NYC, and I sat down on a bench to take a break. Suddenly, I saw this stunning and dynamic woman, who quite literally looked like she had light radiating out of her. She was with four children and she was so excited about whatever it was she was talking about; it was as if she had sparks of positive energy flying off her and into the foyer of the museum. This is what charisma looked like and it was only after a few minutes of watching her engage with her children in such a high energy way, that I realised the woman was Annette Benning.

I have to say watching this charismatic person in action actually lifted me out of my dark place and to reengage with everything around me in a more positive way. I still think of that moment from time to time now that I’m a mother myself, and try to engage with my children in a high energy switched on way whenever I can (and of course, it’s not always possible).

I’ve met quite a few famous people in my time and I’ve seen quite a few around the traps, and not all of them have this thing called charisma. Yes, many people have it naturally (Simon Cowell describes it as if “there is one person in bright colour and everyone else is in black and white”)- but can it be cultivated? Apparently, yes it can. According to Forbes Magazine the 5 Qualities of Charismatic People are; 1) Self Confidence

2) Tell Great Stories (using humour, animation and conviction)

3) Having open and approachable body language 

4) They make the conversation about the other person

5) They are good listeners

Now isn’t that interesting? So here’s a little Charisma Challenge for you based on the Forbes List

1. Next time you go to a party or social gathering, focus on your body language being open and receptive. Smile.

2. When you strike up a conversation with somebody, make it all about them. Find out some interesting facts about them and try to make a quality connection

3. Don’t look at your phone or the clock.

4. Focus on remembering peoples names. Another quality of charismatic people is they tend to remember your name, and will use it immediately in the conversation

5. Try to have fun. Charismatic people tend to have a genuine quality that is evident in their presence.

Love Claire xx