It’s About Time

Hi Friends, 

Long time no blog. I’ve been busy emerging myself in the amazing talks from The Hay House World Summit. Wow, were there some amazing talks. My pick of the bunch was James Altucher, writer and entrepreneur, author of the book “Choose Yourself.” I was so inspired by his words and advice that I’m going to devote an entire blog to what he had to say, but what I really got from his talk and so many of the other inspiring speakers was the message “stop wasting time, stop doing things that are sucking your will to live…” Stop watching rubbish TV. One bit of TV I cannot abandon however, is The Voice…but that’s another story…

Okay, so here’s the exercise on making your time work for you…

1. On a fresh sheet of paper, write a list of everything you do/need to do in a week (examples- go to work, cooking, socialising, watching TV, exercising, quality time with partner, quality time with family, cleaning, sleeping etc…write it all down)

2. A little overwhelming, right? You do a lot! Now, next to each item, write the number of hours spent doing these things (e.g.- working 40 hours, cleaning 2 hours, socialising 3 hours, etc, etc)

3. Now take a look. Is there anything that needs to be switched around or changed? Is there a positive change that can be made- for example, more hours spent sleeping or exercising instead of watching TV or on Facebook? How would you like your life to look? Is there something that can be crossed out entirely and replaced with something more beneficial to your well being?

4. Now create a fresh list. The items you have to do/ want to do. Write down how many hours you now intend to spend doing each activity. For example, you may have only slept for seven hours a night (a total of 49 a week) but you know that for your health and well being you want to aim for 56 hours a week of quality sleep (8 hours per night) so now you’re going to go to bed an hour earlier. Create a better list/reality for yourself.

5. Now schedule it all into the diary. If you are in control of your time you’re going to have a greater sense of purpose and well being. 

Have a wonderful week empowering your schedule!

Love Claire xx