“Most me lead lives of quiet desperation, and go to the grave with the song still in them.”- Thoreau

Hi Peeps,

If 2015 is to be your best year so far, with creativity being at the forefront of your desire, what song do you want to sing? What is inside your heart, waiting to be released? Here’s a short/fun exercise to get to the heart of the matter:

Finish these sentences…

1. It sounds ridiculous but I’d love to be a ….

2. I’d love to try…

3. When I talk about______________________ my eyes light up

4. The subjects that interest me the most are ……

5. If I weren’t so scared I would….

6. I’m really happy when I ….

7. When I think back to being a child I loved to play….

8. The voice I hear in my head that says “You can’t do that” belongs to…

9. I’m angry at ______________________________ because they didn’t support me in my enthusiasm for ______________.

10. If I could do one thing in my life this week, to nourish “my song” (your song could be singing, dancing, writing, acting, drawing, cooking…) it would be…..

When you look back at your list, especially the first question- ask yourself “Why is this ridiculous?” Nothing is ridiculous. Last week, on Monday, a student in my workshop said she wanted to be a comedian, but, “that’s not realistic,”- by Thursday she was on stage doing her first open mic gig. NOTHING that is truly in your heart and coming from a place of awe and inspiration is ridiculous. Challenge yourself to do something this week, to push your song out into the world. Love Claire xx

“Unleashing Your Creativity”- a five day intensive for your soul runs in Newcastle, Australia next week from 19th-23rd January, 2015. Email me to book- places are strictly limited. Creativity Coaching sessions are available by appointment through skype chat. Email enquiries.

Eight Week Courses I’m Running this term are:

ACTING FOR GROWN UPS- LEVEL 1- Tuesday evenings 6-9 pm (Feb 3- March 24)

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ACTING FOR GROWN UPS- LEVEL 2- Thursday evenings 6-9 pm (Feb 5- March 26)

Courses are held at 48 Watt St, Newcastle, Australia

Shining the Flashlight

Hi Friends,

Yesterday I heard an amazing talk with Wayne Dyer and Anita Moorjani at The Hay House 2014 World Summit. Anita is the author of the book “Dying to Be Me,” her memoir of being in a coma and experiencing near death and then miraculously healing from terminal cancer. Anita is a beautiful speaker and her writing is clear and poetic. There is something extraordinary about the way she is able to communicate her experience of nearly dying and the impact it has on her present life.

In a nut shell, what you choose to experience in this moment, today is what you experience and what you will live right now. Anita’s miracle, for that is truly what it is- is that she gained, through great suffering higher knowledge of what happens to us when we die. Listening to her describe the experience is extraordinary, as most people do not live to tell the tale, or if they do, they haven’t described it as poetically as Anita.

We don’t know what’s out there, but one thing is for sure; what we choose to shine our flashlight on ; that is what we will see.

Love Claire x